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Install Ubuntu / Linux on a Dell Latitude E6410

First publication of this article on 9 October 2011

I just installed Ubuntu on a Dell Latitude E6410 laptop. This article documents a few things about this machine and the issues I had. I installed Ubuntu from an USB key, created on another Ubuntu machine via System -> Administration -> Startup disk creator and using the currently beta version of Ubuntu, "Oneiric Ocelot", Beta2. F12 at startup to boot on the USB key, the system starts(the kernel boots) but initramfs says "Unable to find a medium containing a live file system". I had to change the order of boot devices, putting the USB storage first. (Always remember to read in detail the excellent LiveCDBootOptions documentation.)

Here is a list of what seems to work on the machine:

  • The screen, at 1440x900 (the background shakes a bit at the edges, specially at login screen),
  • The sound (and I was able to see an episode of Game of Thrones at high definition),
  • The Ethernet network.

Things which do not work include:

  • Among ACPI things, suspension works fine but hibernation does not: the machine does not complain but shuts down instead of going to sleep.

I did not test yet:

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